Having grown up in a household with two parents who cooked, I knew what good food tasted like. Being a stubborn girl, I refused to learn to cook from either of my parents. What did this mean? It meant that I entered adulthood able to sauté vegetables, make quesadillas and throw together fancy salads.

Finally, in my late 20’s I decided that I was going to learn how to cook. I subscribed to a cooking magazine and started making at least one new recipe a week. The trouble was all the recipes were written for 4-6 servings, not one. Luckily that stubborn streak pushed me to find ways to shrink recipes and make them work for one or two servings.

Fast forward a few years. I am no longer single and have a well fed and happy husband. Cooking has become my passion and our nightly gourmet (and often times non-gourmet) dinners are a testament to that.

It is my philosophy that good food need not be complicated. Sure, I love to cook and go out for “fancy” meals, but when one is learning flavor combinations and techniques for cooking it is important to keep the ingredients and preparations simple.  Once you learn the basics you can build upon them and create a cooking repertoire. My recipes are meant as a starting point. Whether you are a new cook looking to try cooking for the first time or a seasoned chef who is used to feeding a family of four, I hope that you can find ideas and techniques to make cooking for yourself more enjoyable.

Let’s eat!