It is kind of like the Cosby Show spun off It’s a Different World…or Beverly Hills 90210 begat Melrose Place…or Dallas creating Knot’s Landing. Yes I admit I am a child of the 80’s. The powers that be have made it apparent that now is the time for me to spin off The Single Chef. Perhaps I should not spin off per say but create a brand…Single Chef: Cooking Intent, Single Chef: Miami…no, a spin off seems more appropo for now. (Franchise empire later)!

Over the past few, people have asked me if I have a blog and I always direct them here. Problem is, this truly isn’t a blog. I use The Single Chef as the place for me to post finished and published articles along with a little extra info and recipes. I never wanted to write a blog because I didn’t think people actually wanted to hear what I was cooking on a daily basis nor did I think that it was important. Well, times have changed and I now realize that I need a place to get more writing practice. I need a place to post ideas and topics that may turn into future articles. There are a few people out there who actually want ideas from me for what to cook…crazy people, but people none the less:) I also realize that if I ever want to get a following on this here internet thing (though I am not quite sure if I do), I need to write more frequently.

And so, I present a new blog ramblings of a novice food writer. I started it a few weeks ago and I am trying to get on there every few days, if not daily. I am posting my ghetto food photography taken with my iphone. I am posting links to the meals that I cook. I am sharing all of my kitchen triumphs along with the kitchen disasters. (My brand new oven seems to be calibrated a bit off…300 degrees = 500 degrees = a very burnt pound cake). I hope that it is something that appeals to a wide audience. As always I look forward to your feedback and questions. Let me know what you think.

For those of you wondering what they heck a pazza ragazza is, it means crazy girlfriend in Italian. It is also my pet name for Fiona Bella, my psycho 3 year old niece AND it is just fun to say. And so, how will this spin off rate? I liked Cosby, not Different World. Loved both 90201 and Melrose (especially after it got sleezy). My mom and I watched Knot’s Landing but never Dallas. So, how do you feel about the idea of a Single Chef spin off? In time will you come to love one more than the other, or will they share your love equally? Only time and Nielson Ratings will tell…