It's so cute, it reminds me of Stoffer's French Bread Pizza, only better.

Jeff and I are currently staying in a house without an oven. Well, there is a wood burning stove that has an attached oven, but the only thing I have tried to cook in it was chocolate chip cookies and they were terribly burnt. The house does have a toaster oven that is big enough to cook a frozen pizza though. So Jeff and I, well mainly Jeff on the nights I have been working, enjoy making frozen pizzas for dinner. Tonight Jeff was off to ping pong at the Wildwood Room, also known as T.I.T.T.S (Teton International Table Tennis Society). I needed something to eat, but knew that I could not eat an entire frozen pizza…so I pulled the frozen cheese Freschetta Brick Oven pie out of the freezer and cut off 1/3rd. I topped it with artichoke hearts, sun dried tomatoes and when it was finished I topped it with fresh basil. Why had I not thought of this before?