So I realize that the kitchen pics did not post, but I don’t have the time to go through and find the backlog of photos….but I will post some, now that the drywall is almost finished in the next few weeks. In the meantime I have had the opportunity to cook TWO count them two whole meals in the last few weeks. It is a bit easier to cook when you get back into a house with pots and pans. No we are still not in our house, but we are back into a rental with kitchen equipment. The first meal cookied was scallops marinated in a bit of grapefruit juice, tamari, sugar and olive oil and then seared, served on top of sauteed bok choy and mashed potatos. It was beautifully plated, but I was so rusty that it missed the boat a bit.  The second meal, tonight, was hit the mark…ravioli revisited.

My brother is visiting and our garden is going off, so i decided to stop giving it all to the chickens and throw some into a meal. After bringing crab legs that were not so fresh back to the grocery store, I decided that I needed to introduce my bro to the beauty of won ton ravioli. If you missed that post you can find it here.  He has a 2 1/2 year old daughter, la mia pazza raggaza (my crazy girlfriend), who would have so much fun making these ravioli with him. So I went to the garden, cut up some arugula and swiss chard and dug up some shallots, hit the local wine shop, Alpine Wines which has a fabulous selection of cheese and got inspired.

My brother and I made three different ravioli. I caramelized the shallots and added them to won ton wrappers with

  • mushroom, prosciutto and parmigiana reggiano
  • chevre and arugula
  • swiss chard and manchego

Chris filled the ravioli, I quickly boiled them and when Jeff got back from working in his shop I sauteed them in a bit of butter…no sauce. They didn’t even need it.

The Swiss Chard and Manchego took the cake. So I say, go out there and get back to playing with your food.  Thanks Mike for being a great inspiration and thanks Chris for getting me off my booty to cook. I don’t realized how much I miss it until I get back to doing it.