Again a long absence…yes I realize that I have lost any loyal followers I had but there are valid reasons. First of all, I have been just a bit lacking in the kitchen department. My kitchen which once looked like this

now looks like this

Well actually, it looks more like this right now…and yes all three of these pictures are taken looking at the same place. The final one though was taken from inside the “bathroom.”

So Jeff and I have been house hopping which does not make for easy cooking. The other reason for my lack of writing has to do with the writing on the last picture…”Put the seat down Jeff” was one of the many lovely entries written inside our remodel from our wedding. (We used the house as our guestbook). Yes The Single Chef is officially married and therefore not really single, but then again I have been writing this blog for a year and a half and have been with Jeff the whole time, so was I really single then?

Fear not though. The Single Chef will return…it just may take another couple of months. We ordered my brand new Bertazzoni 6 burner gas range, which due to the country of Italy shutting down for the month of August, will be arriving at the end of September…and you can bet that as soon as I get my hands on that stove and unpack my kitchen I will be raring to go. In the meantime, try out some new ravioli fillings, heat up the grill and make yourself a decadent steak or treat yourself to a nice night out on the town. It’s summer…take some time off.